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This Might Get Weird

Apr 29, 2020

Week 7 of Quarantine and Grace and Mamrie discuss what they’re excited for when Quarantine is over, the evolution of hygiene during social distancing and the recipes for Dog and Cat Wine.


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Apr 22, 2020

Grace and Mamrie reminisce about Middle School, they Celebrate 4/20 and both have stories about miniature donkeys.


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Apr 15, 2020

Grace and Mamrie discuss Martha Stuart’s Drunk Tweets, their quarantine addiction to Scrabble and how celebrities are coping on Social Media


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Apr 8, 2020

Grace and Mamrie contemplate self isolation, dip their toes into Critter Corner and answer some questions.


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Apr 1, 2020

This week Grace and Mamrie discuss if farts carry COVID-19, new hobbies during Quarantine and their evolving thoughts of the Tiger King.


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